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Volv Brand Ambassadors

Join our BA team to experience the full VIP experience for you and your friends, and get paid to party along the way ;)

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The Perks
VIP Access

Do you like feeling important? WELL, join our team and get FREE access to all the greatest parties and finally get the recognition you’ve been longing for. Want to skip the line? DONE - Get you and your friends the VIP treatment

Get Paid to Party

Who doesn’t like to party? YOU? Doubtful if you’ve made it this far, join our team and literally get PAID to PARTY. YES each friend you bring, or ticket you sell - you make $$$$

Free Tickets

As part of our Sales Team you have the opportunity to get your friends some PERKS, win some HUGE prizes, and enjoy our team parties :)

The Role
Host Parties

Show off your newly found connections and host parties alongside the VOLV team.

Sell Tickets

Round up the SQUAD and bring them to the BIGGEST and BEST events Hamilton has to offer!

Job Descriptions
Sales Manager Brand Ambassador
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We are continually looking to grow our team of passionate, and hardworking students in order to continue to bring YOU the BIGGEST and BEST parties.

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